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Wayne Shurts

Ditch the Powerpoint

Wayne Shurts

Don't over-assume that they know more than they do, because usually they don't. I mean, you can look at the backgrounds...

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What It Means to Be Unfiltered

Brian Watson

Welcome to Unfiltered: Your new destination for fresh, provocative views on cybersecurity leadership and strategy...

Julie Cullivan

What Companies Look for in IT Leaders

Julie Cullivan

On the more traditional CIO front, whether you own security or not, you know, I think for years we've been really...

Stan Lowe photo

Why Join Communities Like Unfiltered

Stan Lowe

I want to stress the importance of community, especially in this time now, where we don't have the ability to get...

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The Value of the True Positive

Jerry Perullo

Cybersecurity is afflicted with the duty of “proving a negative” all the way up to the boardroom. We can learn some...